Monday, 27 October 2008

The things we do...

I'm going to see Bloc Party!
To be totally honest I'm not absolutely familiar with their work but the gig is an 18plus gig and those kids under age need to be accompanied with a guardian. They are Bantam Boy's favourite band and he missed out on getting tickets last time, they sold out within half an hour so they have decided to have another gig. Fortunately (???) we were able to get tickets this time. He was so disappointed last time that I really hoped for his sake we would get them even though it was not high on my agenda.
The spider was in the shower recess this morning! Bantam Boy is lucky to be alive to go to the concert! He as usual thought it was hysterical. I on the other hand was truly frightened by it for some reason this morning.


fifi said...

well I'm not going to bloc party but I AM going to perth!

next week!

I am speaking a a conference, but perhaps we could have coffee? might be hard to tie in but if you're keen we could try. I am about to book some accomodation.


little red hen said...

that would be great!

Kirti said...

Sounds like you need to put something slimey under BB's sheets at the bottom of his bed.

Rock on sister!