Thursday, 9 October 2008

Todays playthings...


I've been looking at some sculptural crochet- check out gooseflesh, stunning pieces made using plastic bag 'yarn'. I'm playing with cotton to make a more sculptural crocheted piece of jewellery. This one will become a bracelet.

I had plenty of time to work on it, while waiting for Chicky Babe to get her hair cut. I had mine done too but it doesn't look the same as the idea I had in my head, never mind. Then I waited on a bench in the supermarket for an hour and a half while she had her group interview. Thankfully she has decided to go for another job, because apparently I unreasonably expect her to do unreasonable jobs when she asks for money! (Now I'll just ask her to do them for no money!!! )

I also revamped an old T-shirt today using a bit of one of my favourite fabrics.

It was incredibly easy so I thought I'd have a go at sharing a how to post. I got fed up with my lack of photography skills so I've had a go at doing some drawings to help too. Right here goes.

1: Take one plain t-shirt and fold it in half by tucking one sleeve inside the other.
2: pin a curved line of pins where you want the contrast fabric to sit (make sure it skims the top of the sleeve.) Once you are happy with the line cut just above the pins. Keep the bit you cut away to use a a guide for the width of the contrast piece that you will cut out in a minute.

3: Measure the length of the neckline you have just cut, as illustrated and them multiply this by four. eg. If your shirt top measures 20cm you will need to cut a length of fabric 4x20 or 80 cm plus 2cm for joining the seam.

4: Join your contrast fabric into a loop. Leave it partly open to allow for the drawstring to thread through easily. (No need to do this if you are putting elastic in to draw it up) Fold top section over and stitch to make a casing.

5: Divide the top and contrast into quarters and mark with pins. Match these together and and pin t-shirt and contrast together with right sides facing together. Sew together.

(****Don't do what I did, I pinned and sewed the opening at the back of my shirt! I had intended to have a little black bow at the front. It's now at the back!!!)

6: Thread your drawstring through the casing and pull up to the desired gather.


Stacy said...

What a great tutorial! Thanks for sharing.

nomes said...

thank you for sharing what a lovely thing to do

Katrina said...

That is such a great looking blouse. Thanks for the tutorial, I'd really like to make that one. (ps. I also really like the name of your blog/label, cute chooky.)