Friday, 17 October 2008

Blogtoberfest favourite on friday.

Drewzel suggested thinking about our all time favourite song. That is really hard to do there are many songs I love for different reasons. First of all I thought Blue Monday by New Order- Hearing it takes me back to being a teenager this was our absolutely favourite dance song. It only took the first few notes and we would be up there in our stove pipe pants, winkle picker stilettos and long black gloves dancing away. Then I remembered the Stranglers and Golden Brown. It was so poetic and pretty. Then the Cure and the Clash!! And Echo and the Bunnymen. I listened to Drewzel's Triffids song and remembered going to see them here in the 80's. or a long time I've liked listening to Chris Issak's music in particular Blue Spanish Sky. San Fransisco Days was an album I played quite a bit when I separated from my husband this thought led me to think of Bitch Epic by Deborah Conway. I'd have to say that anything off this album is pretty special.It's officially called Bitch Epic but I have a subtitle for it "Songs to leave your husband by." I played this album at full volume the night I left my husband as I painted a big bold painting of sunflowers that I subsequently sold and used the proceeds to help finance my escape! I continued to play it often and loudly. It was strong and beautiful and sad too in places and it was my theme music. This song was full of hope for the future 'today I am a daisy tomorrow...' anything I want to be.

About three years ago I went to see her play live and ended up weeping as she played these songs. They took me back to that time so vividly and I missed that hopeful, brave young lady who was so ready for the world and I felt disappointed that I'd not carried forward the energy and drive of that time and perhaps disappointed in myself for not achieving greatness that listening to this album along with the adrenaline shot following my decision made me believe was possible.

This little piece of piano music is absolutely beautiful, Pia plays the theme to Amalie but I have to say this is the most lovely rendition of it. I think the honesty and simplicity of the old piano is so moving.

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Kirti said...

I too love Debra Conway, she gave a much needed dose of rawness to 80's music in Aus and still going strong.