Tuesday, 7 October 2008

regrets, I've had a few...

Today I regretted setting a goal to make something every day and verbalizing it here. That's the problem with sharing a goal, you then feel obliged to follow it through! After going out to lunch and enjoying a couple of glasses of red and indulging in foods that contained either preservatives, colours or flavourings , I regretted eating the desert shortly after polishing off the last creamy morsel, although at the time it was delicious! When I got home I promptly fell asleep on the lounge. (This is my allergic reaction I go to sleep -snoring and then wake with hangover like symptoms.) At this point the last thing I wanted to do was make something but I figured there is only about 6 weeks to the market so I really need to do as much as possible while I can. So I made another necklace.

I still haven't managed to get to the pool yet and the bottom part of my house is still the exact wrong shade of cream!
Oh and Fifi , I couldn't even be bothered cooking creatively or not. The thought of opening a can of baked beans for the family was too much and I was inclined to side with your comments on my previous post! Fortunately for my chicks and their friends who are sleeping over Tim came over and he made chops and mashed potato. It tasted better than the $30 meal I had at the restaurant because it was such a relief that I didn't have to do anything at that point of the day.

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Anja said...

Hi, thank you for sharing your memories with me on my blog.
Yes, kids are amazingly adaptable, but us parents are made to worry and bite our nails.
I'm so lucky to get a really small class - only 11 kids. They are 7 years old and really nice. It is going to be a lovely year, I'm sure.

I'm also making goals I can't (always) realize - but they make me going on and that's whats important.