Thursday, 9 October 2008

Shameless self promation.

I took my little HANDbag shopping this morning. I did something a bit silly, I cut out a pile of the bags ready to sew and used the left over pieces to cut out some wrist purses. That's not silly, I hear you say, that sounds sensible to use up the scraps and have a pile of things ready to sew when the mood or opportunity strikes. Well that's true but I forgot to cut the bases of the bags so I had 4 bags cut but no bases to match. So I had to go and get some more fabric this morning.

While I was in the fabric shop a lady exclaimed "What a lovely bag!"
"Why thank you," I replied," I'll be selling them at the George St Market."
"It's just the kind of thing my daughter would love."
"We'll tell her to come and find me at the market!" I heard myself say. I was quite surprised that I was so shameless!

I made 7 bags today and 3 flowers too. So does that mean I'm 6 days in front with my goal and I can have a week off?


Anonymous said...

I love your handbags Dette - great design and as for the shameless self promotion, I'm with you there! Thanks for visiting my blog!

Kirti said...

as I have said Ms Hen, you are AMAZING!!!!!!

Taccolina said...

They are very, very cute, and self promotion is perfectly warranted for such unmitigated cuteness.