Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Incey Wincey Spider

Today was the first day back at school for the kids. Yesterday we did a lot of teacher talking planning etc. One component was to look at the timetable for last term. Oh my goodness it tends to get pretty busy, on top of the usual stuff I have to organise a display of art work for Art Blast in the Fremantle town hall. Then about mid November the principal and P&C have decided that it would be a great way to raise money by having a whole school art exhibition with every child having a piece of art work to sell. I've known it was coming so I've kept much of the kids work at school but I'm a bit worried about trying to get every child to have something that is complete- some kids have a lot of trouble completing projects even with a huge amount of encouragement and some really are not interested.

Anyway today I was gathering together bits and pieces ready for art blast and I was pulling some bits off the wall as I took one piece from about a good arm stretch above my head it kind of flipped over and there right in front of my face was a HUGE huntsman spider.
AHHHH!!!! F#*!*!!!!!!!! (Screamed silently in my head because I was at school and had to keep my expletives to myself. I very bravely took it, sitting on the artwork out to the garden where the wind got it and flipped it back onto my arm.
More silent screaming and much actual dancing about and flailing of arms...
The poor spider then sat in the middle of the veranda as I ran to the nearby Deputy's office for assistance. She is obviously much braver than I. Using the art work she encouraged it into the garden but the spider certainly had tenacity! It kept running at her with its arms in attack posture! I meanwhile did my impersonation of a 1950's housewife dancing about in a very girly fashion had there been a chair handy I would have been up it!
It took some time for my skin to stop crawling!!

NB: Pictures are of Bantam Boys spider that he has been hiding around the house for me to find of late.

I'm working on designing and making a crocheted capelet in lovely variegated green cotton.


fifi said...

That spider story just had be lolling. Very funny.

Re artwork project:

did a big project last year for one of those fundraiser auctions .


fifi said...

had *me* lolling.

I need sleep.

Erin said...
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flossy-p said...

eeeeww, now I've got the heeby jeebies!