Saturday, 4 October 2008

Bare necessities


I thought I'd best make this little bag that's been lurking in my head for months now before I see someone else has made one already! When I went to Melbourne I saw some shoulder bags with handles that loop through one another. I'd seen them before but had forgotten about them. Since then I'd been thinking about making a similar kind of thing that was just big enough to link and slip over your wrist just for the bare essentials.

So in the wee hours of this morning I came up with this. It's not finished yet and I've discovered that I estimated the length of the handle too generously and it sits better if shorter.

PS: all the bags I've seen that are similar to these have a rounded base mine has a circular base, so it sits flat and upright when placed on a table and is my own pattern.

Mark 1...

. .
see the handle is too long!

With adjusted handle...

. . .

I might do some with crocheted flowers too. (For those of us that like more than the bare necessities when it comes to embellishments)

I'm also going to make them in plain black, denim and linen. Perhaps the flower could be detatchachable
I just ran the spell checker over this post and it didn't highlight necessity - I am not the worlds best speller, as some of you may have already noticed as sometimes I forget to check or post at very odd hours when I should be asleep. Necessity has been the brain of my writing life and I have on numerous occasions selected others words rather than making an error!

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Stacy said...

Great bag! I've been thinking of doing something similar but really need to focus on the projects already started. (Ahh, distractions...)