Thursday, 23 April 2009


I've spent the last couple of days I've spent sorting through a mountain of stuff. The children hadn't followed my cord sorting system and the computer area was SOOOOOOO messy. So I grabbed a bunch of tubs and set to sorting through old papers and gathered things together in clusters of things that go together. This sounds very obvious to you I am sure but I have kind of let things get away from me of late and now I am left with a BIG mess.
Today's effort was the huge tub of pens pencils and office supplies that was the result of tossing things from all around the house into the one box! I was horrified to see how much there was! How bad this is in terms of the environment. How much consumerism!!!

The tub.....what a mix!

Mid sort....

Lead pencils...coloured pencils and textas...fine tip and blue pens....thick markers and whiteboard markers.....all other stuff.

I like this photo of the bundle of pencils. Some smooth some scuffed one covered in paint speckles...I wonder what projects they have seen?

I think the red pen is trying to escape!!!

AHHHHH....... all sorted! Much better!


kate said...

oooh i like it! you've inspired me! i love a good organising... you always feel so good when you've finished :)

one little acorn said...

OMG. I know what you mean... I can't believe the amount of pens and things I manage to collect... of course I can never resist another coloured pencil and I will never use them all if I live to be 101.
I find collecting things and sorting into boxes etc is the best way for me to organise too!
Have fun!