Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Woe is me...

Suddenly I am all on my own. Bantam Boy is off to a party at the beach and Chicky Babe text me on her way home from Perth this evening asking if she could go to a friends place for a sleep over. Tim had promised to come over earlyish this morning to help me do some stuff. As he has promised this several times and not come because he had slept in till mid afternoon, I was cross with him. He arrived at 5 saying he wasn't feeling well. So I sent him packing not wanting to get ill myself but also cross because I was cross at him when he wasn't feeling well and I'd just assumed that he'd done his usual sleep all day thing. This is an ever recurring theme... He says he'll come then sleeps in and is very very late. I feel cross and then feel guilty for feeling cross because he is not obliged to help. But I do think that it would have been polite to get a call to say he wasn't coming because I've been waiting around for the last two days expecting him to come and he hasn't and saturday was the same. Plus I don't think it is unreasonable that if you promise a friend no matter how simple or complex the relationship might be, it is just polite to turn up when you say you will or at least phone to let them know you are not coming.

Now I'm at home waiting until I have to go and pick up Bantam Boy from his party. I asked Chicky Babe what was I going to do all on my lonesome. She replied Knit away on your weird lady knitting stuff. Hmmmm.... I am making some more knitted stuff. I'm working on a capelet like this one. Well it is not as chunky because the wool I have is only 10 ply and mine will be purple and I'm not sure about the flower. Maybe red or perhaps green and definitely removable so maybe one of each. Oh! I've got some deep yellow with a hint of brown that might become a sunflower to go on it. Bring on more coffee dates with unruly teenage boys (Chicky Babe says -Keep dreaming Mum. She has been careful to text when she says she will and to furnish me with as much info as I need!)

On that front, the dust is beginning to settle. B told her dad that she had been the one pushing Chicky Babe to call me to see if they could get a lift with the boys and that CB panicked when confronted as she never has to deal with that kind of yelling at our place. So she is no longer banned from seeing CB and is not going to be transferred to a school in the country. However there are all sorts of rules that she has to follow, what they are I don't know. And the grounding has been reduced from a year to three months! The boy has very bravely offered to go and apologise in person the the father and has thus earned some brownie points.

Having got that off my chest I am going to pop in a chick flick DVD (we can rent them again now that bantam boy has fixed up his $150 late fees problem!!!) and do some more knitting and embrace my alone time which is actually quite nice when I think about it.

PS. I was watching them both as we walked from the coffee shop yesterday and had to wipe away a wayward tear. They have grown up and it has taken me by surprise in some ways. I watched them and as they walked I saw the shadows of my little chicks follow beside them. They are ours for such a short time. At the moment I am reminded of little birds in a nest that I watched outside my window a couple of years ago. At first you got little glimpses of the tiny little chicks popping out from under their mother then they grew and grew and wriggled and squirmed in the nest jostling the poor mother from side to side as if she were riding a stormy sea. Finally they hopped onto the branch and before I knew it they were gone.

I am being jostled about in my nest at present and I know in the blink of an eye they will fly away!


fifi said...

They will never really leave you, mother hen!

little red hen said...

Just feeling a little melancholy tonight and frustrated in general over the last few weeks in particular with the shift in our domestic balance!

Anonymous said...

I have to say I was touched by, & can really relate to your comparison of our children with baby birds (or chicks). My "baby" girl will be 25 in May,& her 2 sisters are 29 & 27. It is so hard & disturbing sometimes to watch them struggling as they grow, & learning to let them make their own mistakes;watching helplessly & hopefully as they leave the next & strike out on their own; shaking your head at some of their choices; rejoicing with them in their successes & crying with them & being there for them when things go wrong. It can be brutal, but it is also the most rewarding thing you'll ever experience in life, & I wouldn't trade our 3 beauties for anything in this world. Hang in there, & I hope your story's ending is as happy as mine has been so far. HUGZ & Best Wishes from Oregon,USA, Gina

Leah said...

This is a wonderful and poignant entry.