Saturday, 25 April 2009


But it just had to be done! The children 'chatting' over the new wireless network!

I had the family all here for dinner, as I mentioned before I was trying to make amends for my inadequacies. Well at least I can cook! My sister and her family, my mum and ron me and the kids and tim. 12 people in all. It was a lot of fun. We managed to avoid an argument between mum and myself about ANZAC day. I think it is important to remember that war is a terrible thing but I object to the glorification of war that can creep into this day. I also think it should be a day where we think of maintaining peace and how conflict can be resolved rather than explaining why we are still involved in conflicts today that perhaps we shouldn't be. I've typed and untyped my ideas here but I think that this enough said. Or we may all end having arguments here too!

Then I nearly put my foot in it again because I said I was shocked that our school chaplin- who is supposed to be working at the school in a completely non religious sense said a prayer at the assembly and invited the children to join in if they like. We are a government school and I thought that years ago there has been a directive to say there should be no prayers said at assemblies.

"What's wrong with a prayer?" asked my niece.

"Well I don't think school is the place for it. It's something you do at home if you want to."

Oops! My sister actually goes to church and her children attend a catholic primary school.

However my sister did call last light to say how much she enjoyed the dinner and that she loves me!

Phew....Now onto something safe. I'm knitting a new capelet, I saw this one and loved it. I have been inspired to make one of my own. Although my wool is purple not charcol and considerably less chunky. It is so nice to feel that I decided to go with it anyway, it's a merino and silk blend.

This is going to be a coral necklace similar to the flower garlands. I have some tiny red glass beads to sew onto it, and am playing with sea creatures that I might add- starfish and snaily things are the front runners at present.

Finally "Crochet Rocks" I've seen these about in blog land and thought I'd give it a go. One of my friends and her daughter (chicky Babe's friend) both thought it was one of the most ridiculous things they'd ever seen. Laughed so hard, called it thoroughly post modern and the daughter pretended to steal it. So I gave it to her as a birthday present. She was so pleased.


Sarah said...

The capelet certainly looks promising! I'm obsessing over woolen stuff at the moment. Maybe I should get Nanna to teach me how to knit. I also love the idea of crochet rocks.

The bit about the chaplin's interesting because even though I go to a government school which is always promoting its values of tolerance and multiculturalism, the chaplin is really conservative Christian and often encourages prayer at assemblies, like on Anzac day or after the Victorian bushfires, but as far as I know no-one's complained about it yet.

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

hehehe... loved the online chatting, my dad recently skyped me from across the table.

That capelet is gorgeous. Can't wait to see yours finished.

Luhlahh said...

Sounds like life is good! X

Luhlahh said...

I used facebook chat to ask my flatmate if she wanted a cup of tea last week. Funny!

one little acorn said...

Conversations about war and ANZAC day can be added to race, religion, money, politics and immigration and so many other 'dangerous' topics. I think your response to your niece was fine and shows another side she may not normally see - nothing wrong with that! And I like the fact that she asked the question too...
In any case, discussion is a good thing. Knowing where to go and what to steer clear of is also an advantage!

Leah said...

I wonder who that post-modern mother and daughter were. . .