Tuesday, 4 October 2011

oh oh!

I thought french women don't get fat. Therefore I thought that I wouldn't be able to find things to buy while I was there.
I thought I'd google plus size fashion Paris.

I am delighted to find that there are a few shops - in fact some somewhat close to where I will be staying. Although these models don't look all that plus size to me they have clothing size 16 upwards. I like the print on this t-shirt, it looks very 1920's from what I can see, it reminds me of my favourite silent movie star book.)

This could be dangerous to my budget. I think I will have to pack less, as advised by Fifi and take my credit card.


2paw said...

Yay for plus size shops!! I think you definitely must buy something!!

Kirti said...

Oh Ms Hen I'm so excited for you! What a trip. Gorgeous hats, Tim looks marvelous....have brilliant time! xxxx