Sunday, 9 October 2011


Chicky Babe found this free travel blog site and set me up with a travel blog. You can map your journey, write posts and upload photos. Later on you can turn it into a book too which could be cool- depending on how much it costs.
Anyway I will try to post on my travelpod site while I an away. Some of the kids from school are interested in following my trip- I taught Social Studies to them and we researched cities of the world and had to persuade me to visit the city and tell me why they thought people first settled there. So they are keen to see where I go and what I see there. So I promised that if I had time I would post some photos for them. As I would rather they didn't have access to my personal blog this alternative seems like a good option. So if you'd like to check on my trip progress check out bernadettek's great adventure.