Saturday, 1 October 2011

But the cat was wet...

I went to find my brush to brush my hair this morning.
It was on the floor in my daughter's bedroom - full of cat fur!!!!
"But the cat was wet and we needed something to brush her with, it was an emergency."
I note that none of them thought the emergency warranted them using their own brushes to brush the cat.

Prelude to the story.
The poor old dog has fleas for the first time in his life (maybe the second time.) He is an inside dog predominately and we rarely have had any problems with these nasty little creatures. But the cat tends to wander and brought home fleas from the neighbour. I know exactly which neighbour because Tim works at bunnings and the neighbour didn't recognise tim and asked his assistance filling him in on the extent of his dogs flea infestation and the need to flea bomb their house.
So poor old pablo somehow managed to dislodge his flea collar and now has terrible flea bites on the inside of his legs which are driving him crazy. Tim bought some flea shampoo and gave him a bath and the kids decided that the cat was in need of a bath too.

2 weeks to go till we fly out... trying to find some "smart casual" travel clothing for tim, not as easy as it sounds.
Plus how much do I need to pack??? 7 weeks away. I've got a pair of jeans, a pair of thick pull on black stretchy pants for on the plane, 3 tunic style tops that go with leggings and my boots or my pants/jeans and clog style slip on shoes. A black wrap dress and a black skirt. A pair of sneakers disguised as a pair of mary janes, a couple of light cardigans and a thin plain black wollen jumper, long sleve thermals and several scarves and wooly hats. Oh and several pairs of black tights. Oh and a weatherproof black jacket.
How does that sound?


2paw said...

I've not been on a holiday since 1986, but that sounds pretty good. Versatile and flexible. Less is more. The only hints I know are to have a change of clothes in your carry on in case your luggage is lost. That happened to MrsDrWho in Egypt and she had no luggage for a long time!!And to have comfortable shoes!!
Oh no, poor Cat and even poorer dog. I hope you have a new brush?????

Red Hen (dette) said...

Oh I agree totally! I always carry a change of clt=othes in my hand luggage 'just in case' and I've been wearing in my shoes for the last few months they are good!
Yes poor old pablo he has scratched himself raw in one spot, but we've been putting on pawpaw cream and it's getting better.

Anki said...

Watch this:
That's all...
Cat hair in hair brush? yuck...

Red Hen (dette) said...

I know I was not impressed considering they are not little kids- one would think they would use the cat's brush. (rolling eyes AGAIN!)
That guy can pack!!! I am very impressed! I'd already planned to fill my boots with stuff prior to putting them in Tim's bag. I was going to wear them on the plane but have decided that they will be a pain in the air port- I think that was on your advice too.

fifi said...

I think you are taking too much. (says she who always takes to much). Two tights, one pants, one skirt, tops you need a few of as they smell quickly, a tunic dress you can wash and wear over things if needs be. You may well be quite hot. Or not.
Lots of little anklet socks.

Have you booked venice yet? I cant remeber if I ended up giving you a hotel. I was going to recommend the Belle Arti on Dorsoduro. It is between both canals and near the accademia, the guggenheim, and you can get to the biennale on the zattere vaporetto or the regular grande canal vaporetto. (get a multi pass for the vaporetto) Dont bother to go out to Murano. (bit tacky) Do go to the Scuola di San Rocco where the tintorettos are. Do go visit the tempest at the accademia. And of course the biennale. If you want me to recommend things to find at the Biennale I will.

You must be so excited. I am really excited and I am not even going, I am excited for YOU!!!

I will expect LOTS of photos thank you very much.

Red Hen (dette) said...

Oh Fifi! I thought the biennale had been and gone! I didn't realise I'd be there while it was on!! I watched the art programme about it on the ABC and sighed thinking it would be over by the time I got there. Please reccomend away... we have only three days in Venice so some tips would be great.
Yes I am very excited. I've tentitively booked a B&B on one of the canals near a stop of some sort. It looks very nice but I will check out the others too before I confirm the one I found.