Sunday, 18 December 2011

Another magic day in Paris.

Another couple of fab Paris museums..but first a stroll through an open air market with glorious colours and fantastic fresh fish that smelled of the sea all sweet ans salty, not at all fishy.

 Fish, flowers,scarves and CHEESE! We chose a couple of small wedges (it was hard to choose just two!)
 Musee d'Art Moderne in the morning...

 A spot of lunch,
(Coffee from the cafe and bread and cheese from our bag.)

 Shared with the birds.
 Then the Centre Pompidou, til late 9pm close (Yay! Allows for more hours of gallery viewing in a day!)
 A bit of a stop to rehydrate and smear the knee with pain relief gel.
 The views from the outside platform were amazing- that is the Sacre Coeur near our appartment on the horizon there.)

 And the views inside were fantastic too there was an amazing collection of work.

I would recommend putting Centre Pompidou on the top of your must visit list if you haven't already!


fifi said...

What a fantastic trip and such wonderful photos! Paris is so magical, this has made me crave those beautiful clear days, the art and the FOOD...glad you enjoyed it!

The Gingerbread Lady said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! Lovely photos, you really captured the "feel" of Paris, so beautiful! I'm glad you enjoyed this magical trip and I hope you'll include Germany on the next one ;-) - beautiful cities, wonderful yarn stores, lots of museums, cathedrals and castles and, oh, did I mention the yarn stores? (hehe) ... so start saving for 2012 or 2013!
Enjoy the holiday season and I hope you find lots of time for crafting!
Olivia / The Gingerbread Lady

2paw said...

Yes the Centre Pompidou is very interesting. The cheese, I admire your only-two-wedges restraint!!