Thursday, 22 December 2011

Feeling Christmassy!

I am feeling a little more christmassy this year, thanks to antidepressants and  a lovely holiday. The long list of problems that have needed solving in the first two weeks since I've been back has made my holiday feel like an eternity ago but have not managed to completely extinguish my christmas spirit.
I've finished my christmas shopping, most was done in Europe but none of it is wrapped yet! It is a bit tricky finding time to wrap gifts in a house full of people who happen to be the recipients of most of the gifts!

On my trip I bought a couple of cookie cutters and then while out and about the other day I came across a set of Ninjabread men cutters which I knew my chicky babe would love. So when I went to visit Anki yesterday I was instructed to get her gingerbread recipe, I copied down one from her fantastic little cooking book full of Swedish treats. It is one that closely resembles her mother's recipe but although they are yummy they taste quite different. I used molasses which is very strong. The recipe said corn syrup or molasses and there was no corn syrup in the shop. I actually quite like the slight licorice flavour of the molasses though.

 I made some of my grandmother's shortbread yesterday. One to take to Anki's one to have later with a cup of tea after dinner or for morning tea maybe. By the time I got home it was almost all gone. Luckily I did get a piece for desert but I will have to make another lot for christmas day.
Lucky it is very easy, I haven't made it for years and when I finally got round to it I wondered why I haven't!

I found a little a corner for my tree and added the decorations I bought while on holiday. I love looking at them as they remind me of my trip and the fact it actually did happen! Here are a few of them.

 National Gallery London (from a medieval painting)
 Heaver Castle (Home of Anne Boleyn, but I chose Elizabeth I rather than Anne for the christmas tree as I fancied that I'd rather not have someone with such bad luck on my tree!)
Castle Howard (Brideshead)



Luhlahh said...

They look Yummy Bernadette!

Luhlahh said...

Oh! I just looked at your Pintrest Page for the first time. (Jeezzzzsh! Where have I been?)
I LOVE it!

Red Hen (dette) said...

Pinterest is very cool- fabulous for linking things for work and play! It was fantastic in organising my holiday.

Anki said...

Erk, Dette, So sorry! I should have told you to use golden syrup!! I suspect that book has been translated with an American audience in mind where golden syrup is tricky to find (the original Swedish) uses golden syrup.Oh well, next year eh?
They do look awesome.
Thanks so much for the visit. See you soon.
Love Anki
hehehe, the word verification is: "dessert"

Anki said...

But, grossness, the next verification is: "ediscab"...God Jul (Merry Christmas)

2paw said...

Shortbread has been made here too!! It is delicious (but unblogged) thank you!! I gave Ninja-bread cutters at Christmas too!! I was going to say golden syrup too. I saw a recipe from the US where the woman was desperate for golden syrup and singing its virtues above and beyond those of corn syrup!!!
Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy 2012 to you and yours.