Saturday, 10 December 2011

Twinkle twinkle little star red hen has a bommy car...Push the button pull the choke off she goes in a cloud of smoke.

Before I went to Europe I had been considering getting a new (or newish) car. My car rattles and makes loud engine noise as you go over 80km/hour - which isn't a problem most of the time as I drive very locally usually not going further than 10km from home, mostly my car is used like a giant wheelbarrow taking piles of school work to and from work. I really should walk to school but the car makes it easier to run away at lunch times when I have half an hour for lunch and no duty! Unfortunately my dearest friend, Anki lives on the other side of the freeway and that requires pushing my poor old car beyond it's comfort (well my comfort) zone as I'm not a big fan of freeway driving. Probably because my car doesn't have very good pick up and doesn't have a very powerful engine and people in Perth are not very polite drivers and the minute you indicate to change lanes that is a signal for those behind you to speed up and not let you change lanes.
So this week my my car started making a squeaking sound in the boot- not the wheels or anything dangerous I have been assured and the car is safe to drive it is just the transmission or something or rather that is on it's way out and will be VERY expensive to fix and the mechanic said it is fine/safe to drive but one day the transmission (or whatever it is) will stop working and we can deal with it then it could be sooner it could be later.
Well I have had quite enough now, I decided last night it was time to buy a new car and I was looking at used cars from last year. Then I found one of 2 2011 Hyundai Getz at our local dealer for pretty much the same price as the 2010 Getzs advertised and in some cases cheaper than ones advertised. This one has a five year warranty fancy things like an engine that zips along and a radio that works. It is not a fancy car but it will be fine for me. All I need is a car that goes and will get me across the freeway and also down south so that Tim and I can enjoy weekends away every now and then- this car will do the trick nicely.
I went down to the dealership this morning and my new car will be ready for me to pick up on Wednesday or Thursday.

Anki, I can come and visit you now without having to worry about the freeway!!!!!! Yay!


Luhlahh said...

She is gorgeous! Do you have a name in mind? (I always name my cars!)
As for me, I am planning on winning both of the cars from the local shopping centre competitions. Then, all I have to decide is "silver Kia, or red Hyundi"....
Or I could sell them both and stick with my little Gumdrop!

Red Hen (dette) said...

No name yet - maybe when I get to know her better. Yes some cars do have names, my last one was actually void of personality and never told me its name.I'm hoping this one is more friendly. Possibly she might be a Daisy as she is pretty but apparently she is pretty tough too. Good plan to win yourself a car ;)

2paw said...

Oh, your new car will be lovely. It is just like mine, except mine is green. It will be zippy and fuel efficient and you will have a wonderful time driving about. I never name my cars. I am just not a car naming person. But I have names for The Labradors' toys!!

Anki said...

Hooray! When we got our new car we felt like everyone was looking at it admiringly while we were driving it. It was so shiny and new and head-turningly awesome...of course, that's ludicrous but there you go. Yes, please come and visit soon!
Love Anki