Friday, 4 April 2008

Ask and you shall receive.

I now have two old aprons. Never worn and one still with the tag! So dear skeleton woman they are yours. They are post 1965 because the price on the pink one is $4.30 and it was from Boans.
I will bring them when I come to visit.

This is the skirt I've been working on over the last three days. I've used the fabric from the wonderful garage sale of the vintage pattern fame ( i wish I knew how to make the link back to previous posts as I have seen others do!). It feels so nice to wear and cost me so little really as I bought boxes full of fabric and I didn't spend that much. I figure this cost about 5c all up!! This photo is a little washed out and not well focused.

It has the corduroy cut away to reveal the fabric that has been stitched on behind the front panel the raw edges give it a bit of texture and the reverse appliqué gives it some depth. These are better and give a better indication of the colours.

Here's Chicky Babe being my model (I have not miraculously lost a huge amount of weight!) This photo was taken without the flash, which tends to wash out the colour but it has picked up the yellow from the walls.

I wished I could find a lovely cleaning lady who would work on a saturday so that I could be at home while she was here and get to know her before I leave her on her own. I had the most delightful cleaning lady at my old house who became quite a friend also, I looked forward to her visits and we would always share a cuppa and a chat, she loved my place even though it was often messy and cluttered. She loved to watch the renovation progress and the new projects I was working on and most importantly I never felt judged for having a less than perfect house. I would often clean along with her feeling far more inspired to do so while she was there- A burdened shared is a burden halved. Unfortunately she moved and could no longer help.

I have discovered, well not exactly discovered but come to accept, I am not the best of housewives. I am a good mother, but this little red hen has had enough. I am sick of nagging, bribing, threatening and pleading with the kids to help I'm working full time now and feel the pressure of all the things that need to be done both work related and house work related. I resent the time and energy this takes from my creative self.

I opened the local newspaper and as I flicked through I looked longingly as I often do at the list of cleaners.... there in the middle of the page was an add for a lady who worked Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. ...SATURDAY!!! So I rang and she is coming tomorrow afternoon at 2pm. Thank goodness.

Now there will be the mad dash to make sure things are not so bad that she is frightened off! That would never do. I hope to have her come weekly for a while so I can get back on top of things and then I might just have her come fortnightly.

And I went to the council and the lovely young man who helped me with my plans today said that it should be fine but it is not a 'studio' it is a 'patio enclosure' because that will be far less complicated and easier to have the plans passed. A studio will require a concrete slab floor and at the moment it is just paving from the patio. I don't care what it is called I just want a space for me to keep my stuff and work. I am itching to work with silver again to make some jewelery.

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knitsteel said...

I need a cleaning lady too.