Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Teacup Tuesday

I love this cup. Thrifty Tim found it in his travels and bought it home for me. I think it is perfect with it's delicate yet strong pattern and the beautiful striking colours. I think tea tastes best in a beautiful fine china cup. And as I tend to use all but my most precious teacups regularly on a daily basis they tend to get chipped or broken and it becomes a lovely chance to find another favorite teacup!

My builder friend has nearly finished drawing up plans for my studio and I had a chance to speak to my other nice neighbor to ask if he had any objections to the building- he hasn't. We discovered we both had been on the receiving end of the not so nice neighbors agenda. I have been praying and visualizing the fellow receiving an excellent offer for his house and a quick smooth settlement. Fingers crossed that all goes well.

I've almost completed another skirt, I finished the embroidered front panel last night and rather than do the dishes I've sewn it up and am doing the hand sewing now, so I must get back to it as I'd love to wear it tomorrow.


Kirti said...

please tell Tim I'm looking for funky old aprons, tea cups, white wicker pram .......he's got the touch!!! May neighbours everywhere soften their grip! xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Kamalesh said...

I was joking about tim finding bits for me! I'm not allowed to collect too much until there's somewhere to put it all!