Sunday, 6 April 2008

Ideas and inspiration.

I saw these on the universally popular SouleMama blog. ( not the flowers above rather some embroidery hoops used to display some embroidery pieces.) Take a look....

SouleMama: for the show

I have been collecting embroidery hoops for some months now in order to display some of the lovely fabrics I've found but now I think I might combine the lovely fabrics with some of my own embellishments both embroidered and crocheted. I have also been thinking about making bags that feature floral patterns embellished with embroidered felt or crocheted flowers to add texture and depth. They are currently drifting about in my head waiting for the right moment to become a drawing and/or reality.

The cleaning lady couldn't make it yesterday and has promised to come today. I am armed with a new duster and mop head and had the children help me ( under sufferance ) to clear away the bulk of the clutter. After which Bantam Boy stated that we didn't need a cleaning lady any more. No sweeping mopping or dusting had been done but he thought it looked fine. Chicky Babe thought it wouldn't be so bad if I put the junk mail and my material scraps in the bin. She was a little sheepish when I pointed out the easter egg and ice cream wrappers and empty coke bottles that were fished out from under the couch and left by the computer were not actually mine. Bantam Boy said quite firmly I hope you're not expecting me to do this every week! In a tone that implied that I would have trouble getting him to do so, and that he thought I was a little balmy cleaning up for the cleaning lady. (Bad news cherubs- The place needs to be tidied up so the cleaning lady can clean!!!) She should be here soon! It's 1.40 I expect her at 2.

Oh! only five minutes left ....

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Lara said...

Hi Little Red Hen! Thanks for your comment on my blog :) I don't have a physical outlet in Melbourne yet but there are a few shops that stock my fabrics. You can find links to them in the sidebar on my blog :)