Friday, 25 April 2008

Last lazy holiday projects.

I finished my black dress.
However the fabric has sequins sewn into the embroidered sections and they scratch my arms when I move. Not a dress for all day wear, which is a shame because I thought I would wear it for work.

I've been watching Dr Who DVD's with the kids. Don't ask me how many we have watched! But it has been lovely spending a couple of days this holiday slothing around chatting with them. While I've been watching the T.V I've kept my hands busy with my crocheted flowers.

I had intended to use them on a floral panel on a handbag, but as I'm working I thought that I might use them on some purple felt as cushion covers.

I'm playing with different ways of constructing flower forms. I started to repeat a design with 6 petals thinking that I could join them and make a rug. (I'd need a lot more David Tennant episodes for that!) Unfortunately my crochet is so 'free form' they don't seem to tesselate.

The photo below was taken with the flash on, I don't like the way it washes everything out. I am playing with the settings on the camera and have discovered how to stop the flash and change some of the settings for different conditions. Another medium to explore in my spare time!

Finally having all the unfinished flowers everywhere was too much for me so I made a headband with some of them last night.

It's hard to take photos of things on your head on your own! Maybe I should have used the flash here because you cant see the edging- that took me the length of a movie to work, frog and rework, frog and rework until it was acceptable. (The problem that comes from not using a pattern)

As I worked this I wondered what it would be like to make some of the sections in silver wire- I've knitted bracelets before, thoughts of earrings started to play in my head using sections of the flower forms....

and chokers or bracelets...

but I really MUST tidy my room today. It was the one holiday project that I should have done but all the wants and whimsy got in the way. Housework will always be there tomorrow sometimes the creative urge is not.

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