Thursday, 11 December 2008

Don't leave the Grange for a special day...

I had to go to a funeral today. It was my godfather, Rob, he passed away on Sunday, he was in his late 60's. He was pretty much your quintessential Aussie bloke. A bit of a chauvinist, loved his footy. I remember being quite alarmed as a little tacker at the way he would yell at the telly while watching the footy. Anyway he had been ill for some time and finally passed away. His daughter is 8 and a half months pregnant- I was 8 months pregnant with Bantam Boy when my dad passed away aged 48. So I found today difficult in many ways. I wanted to tell her to look after herself because it is a time fraught with conflicting emotions. You are full of hormones, grieving yet at the same time you are joyous at the arrival of your baby. Also there is the sense of injustice that they have been taken before they get to see their grandchild and the sadness that the child wont know their grandfather. I know Bantam Boy and Pop Bob would have got on like a house on fire, Dad really would have understood BB and it is a huge shame.
At one point during the wake a bottle of Grange Hermitage valued at about $300 apparently, was opened. It was something that Rob had been saving for a special day. His days ran out and he never enjoyed that wine.
So today's thought is enjoy those special things don't save them away day after day, today is special, everyday is special.


Melanie Gray Augustin said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your godfather. My heart goes out to you and his family. What a terrible time for him to go, just before his grandchild is born.

Even though he never got to taste the Grange and it is a reminder to enjoy life while we can, I'm sure he would have appreciated it being drunk in his honour.

On a different topic - congratulations on having your photos on Style Discovery! I popped and had a look and got all excited all over again!

Kirti said...

Thank you darlin' for that beautiful post. I'm sure Pop Bob is beaming at your enjoyment of his Grange.
I really appreciated your comment on my last post. Christmas is such an intense time for so many people isn't it. Family eh! I think we need to start with ourselves, reflect on where we've come from and the good things we've done. Look at your beautiful kids and know you've been a totally fantastic mum. Very obvious from over hear! xxxxxxxxxxx