Monday, 1 December 2008

Lightning post

My computer is still on the blink and I have too much to do. But I really needed a blogging fix so I'm on another computer making the rounds of a few of my favourite blogs. I miss my blog friends and I have come to realise that I actually use this as a means of relaxing. Although I do need to find a balance as I could quite easily spend hours lost in the web browsing at all the fascinating things people do and not get my own things done. Here's a quick run down.

Almost finished reports.

George st market is on this Sunday (Hoping my aunt who is also having a stall at the same market and was looking very very closely and photographing my HANDbag at a family get together is not going to copy them and sell them at the same time as she jokingly said!- you know how you come away thinking hang on what just happened there? And I wouldn't mind so much if they were similar but in another town or whole other country but two or three stalls down could be a problem!)

Went to see Bloc Party with Bantam Boy and his mate- I sat on the hill crocheting until the sun went down. One occasion where I was thankful for daylight savings. The venue was over an hour's drive from home and at the end of the evening thousands of people were trying to leave at the same time. We waited 40minutes in the car park (paddock) before we could join the queue to get out. Bantam Boy had a ball. And I being the "random talker" as described in one of my very first posts I made friends with a woman who had driven up from Busselton to take her 17 year old to the concert and who I've made plans to join in march as we wait patiently for our 15 year olds while they watch their Cold Play gigs (fortunately this one is an all ages gig and we can just drink coffee and chat nearby)

Would love some sleep, just managing to get through what needs to be done.

Feel much better now... (This was supposed to be short!)


fifi said...

how annoying: she wouldn't copy them, surely!

Take a few slivers of parmesan cheese to slip inside hers. Or blue vein.Do it early.

Aren't you a nice mother going along to concerts Oh hater of daylight savings! lol

Kirti said...

You are a VERY nice mother going to concerts with your teens! and that you can actually make it enjoyable for yourself. Inspirational! No wonder your kids are so great!

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

Hope your computer is up and running again soon. It's sad, but I think I'd be really lost without mine.

I hope your aunt doesn't copy your bags! Very sad if she did.