Monday, 8 December 2008

good and bad

Just a quick note again. My computer is still not up and running properly. I need time to sit and figure it out which I have not had for the last few weeks. Today I have to take Bantam Boy to see a skin specialist as he discovered a spot (in a place that rarely gets any sun exposure) that the doctor is extremely concerned with. This was on Thursday and the doctor immediately rang the specialist to ask for the next available appointment for him, this has been playing on my mind badly although I am doing my best not to alarm him and there is not much we can do until we see the specialist.
Yesterday was the George st festival. It went very well. I sold $655 worth of stuff and ran out of business cards. A lady called Songy took some photos of the day and some of my things are featured on her website. It was a lovely day and the time flew by, and I'm pleased to say my aunt didn't copy my bags- according to Bantam Boy, as I was too busy to look around. He said that there was nothing that compared to mine, if she did they didn't look any where near as good! God bless him. Although a complete stranger said she had been to the Bazaar (a very upmarket, posh market run by the fremantle art centre) and she had not seen anything as creative and innovative as my little HANDbags. A very nice compliment!
Many people asked where else I sell from and some asked if I had an on line shop. Maybe......

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