Monday, 8 December 2008


Bantam Boy has the all clear with the mysterious skin spot as posted earlier today (see below). Quite harmless and easily fixed. Thank goodness.

Now a photo fest here are some images of the evening on the verandah at school and of George st too.

An Evening on the Verandah

A view down the verandah. (token children's art placed near the front the rest was pushed right out the way down the back past the bar where there was very little light!)

Children's art. See what I mean about it all being placed too close together and not particularly well- I fought my "control freak" urge to change it.

George St Festival

Primavera 2 -neck garland

Primavera 3 -neck garland
chunky red floral necklace


more HANDbags

even more HANDbags

My stall

another view of my stall

the view from my stall

my friend's ceramic stall, with groovy christmas tree.


fifi said...

That's fantastic! congratualtions, on the stall and the sales, the stuff looks lovely! and yes, I have looked at quite a few stalls and have seen nothing like them, the bags or the neckpieces.
The art show is just beautiful. What a great art teacher you are: the kids are so lucky, the paintings are really gorgeous.

If I were you i would feel very proud of myself!

What price did you put on the bags? i saw some little toys in brisbane , really tiny cloth ones, and they were soo pricey, then I thought, what would I know about such things?

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

Your handbags are gorgeous! Such a sweet and original design. I'm so glad to hear that you did so well with them at the markets. I love the neck garlands too!

Songy said...

I really liked those bags.

Kirti said...

You sensation you! What a magnificent lot of work you have done. I feel so homesick for Freo seeing George Street, I used to live just behind it with kevin! And yes that's our Toby the stylish man that he is! He makes fabulous fashion. xx

fifi said...

what IS that tree, I wonder?

Anja said...

I'm happy that your little boy's skin is Ok. Miss N is quite OK too. The blister is still here, but it doesn't hurt her any more.

Oh my, congratulations on the stall and the sales. Everything looks so lovely. I love necklaces!! I made somethink similar few years ago - i wonder where it is now, hmmm :o)

Ginger said...

Loved the christmas tree, clever idea and you bags are wonderful.
Enjoyed your blog very much.Have a wonderful New Years .