Friday, 26 December 2008

Things I hate and christmas but not in that order and not really in the same sentence...

Merry Christmas!
And best wishes for a fabulous 2009

Although I had mixed emotions arround the whole christmas thing Christmas day was quite stress free round here. The kids woke at a reasonable hour (7am-chicky babe was excited about the arrival of her new red iPod) , I then went back to bed for a nap. I woke up about 10ish and started to leisurely prepare Christmas dinner. Mum and Ron came for dinner about 6pm. I had crayfish for entree and we had roast rack of lamb with potato salad, a green salad with roasted pumpkin, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and almonds and warm green beans blanched and tossed through fried onion and pancetta. We had fruit mince pies with brandy butter, cream and/ or ice cream. A super easy spread! This was followed with a game of poker sparked by a mini pack of cards found in one of the crackers! Mum won! She is so competitive!

My sister and her clan came up from the country for breakfast- not lunch as originally planned, on the Tuesday before Christmas. Most of the cooking had to be done the night before because alas I am not a morning person! I made stuffed mushrooms and ricotta pancakes with brandy butter and berries in syrup the night before. I found some organic sausages(that I could eat) to have with scrambled eggs and bacon which we cooked in the morning. (It cost me a bloody fortune! But no-one goes home hungry on my watch!)

Boxing day!

Tangled cords. I hate them they stress me out! I don't know why but one look at a tangled mess of cords leaves my shoulder muscles cramped up and heralds the beginning of a tension headache! I decided to have a look for the printer CD to reinstall the printer and the modem one in order to fix my wireless connection in doing so I came across a tangled mess of cords many of which I had no idea what they were for!

So I spent some time tidying up the area (gathering up the empty choc milk cartons and lolly wrappers- this is one reason I am desperate to get my laptop working again) and doing this....

As many cords as I could label I did with a little masking tape tag to tell me what it is for.

They are now all sorted into snap lock bags under the appropriate headings so it won't take me forever to work out which cord does what when I want to add photos to my blog or download pictures from my phone. I just hope that my little chicks decide to play along and remember to put them back in the right bags! (Note the label on the largest bag at the back!!!! I'm too worried to throw them away just in case we discover we need them.)

Then , so I don't have to look at them at all they are tucked into a shoe box with a lid!
I still can't find the right information to fix my wireless modem connection- I am so close to going out and buying another modem just to get it going again but I know it would be such a waste of money!!! BUT I WANT MY WIRELESS TO WORK AGAIN!!!!


fifi said...

What an amazing array of food! You are wonderful. I wish I could have called by.

I too have very mixed feelings at Christmas...not too many good ones to be honest.

You are very funny: that box of cords in bags cracked me up.

All the best ! enjoy your leftovers.

Sarah said...

The Xmas dinner sounds absolutely amazing. Glad you had a nice quiet Christmas. We have a bit of a power cord problem too... our dog keeps eating them ! He will chew on anything made of rubber, and it is most unpleasant to discover, on a hot summer's day, that the fan isn't working because the cord has been bitten in half. Keeping them all in bags is a good idea!

Kirti said...

Oh my God. What a feast. You are amazing. Breakfast and a lunch. I hope they showered you with gushing praise and gratitude though i know you did it because you love it too. Yeah bloody cords. Ours are threatening to strangle the Christmas Tree. In a small space such as this cords seem like an outrageous waste of space. Re wireless -you need someone like Kama around the corner. Pity you couldn't pick one up on EBay!!

Luhlahh said...

What a jumble of emotions! Glad you enjoyed the day, and glad to find others who 'aren't too sure about all this christmas business' It usually turns out alright, in fact, usually a lovely day, but I do find it an anxious time, and am relieved when it is over.
Happy New Year. L

Rachel Power said...

I have to say--I am totally inspired by your cord-labelling thing! Funnily enough, I can find untangling cords quite meditative (to a degree), but one thing I hate wasting time on is searching for the lost or correct cord for some god-damn thing. That drives me nuts! Hours of your life you will never get back. All in all, I find you very inspiring--all you manage to stuff in to your already overstuffed life. Hope it's a great year.

SWIRL said...

Those cords! Ugh! I have a box full too- but I would hate to throw any of them away... incase I ever found the electronic that matched it!