Wednesday, 7 July 2010


It's so cold here at the moment. My two girls looked like Sesame Street monsters rugged up in the computer room last night.

Yesterday I taught knitting to a very small group of children in a holiday workshop. There was a little boy who was 6 and two 9 year old girls. I thought it is important to show them how to cast on and cast off so we made a small square which I sewed together for them and they made little finger puppets. They added felt bits to create eyes and wings etc. They were cute but I forgot to take pictures (of the puppets not the kids!)

My Thailand inspired join as you go hexagon rug is growing slowly but has taken a back seat as I've started a crocheted cardigan in plain black machine washable 100% wool. I'm thinking of adding some embroidery on the neckline.

I'm steadily working through sorting through stuff and organising but making sure to balance it with some fun stuff too.

Today I had lunch with the girls at Hubble's Yard Cafe. Our table was in the back room and the sunshine was streaming into the room through the lovely old lead light window.

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Shiree said...

brrrr, you want to try the temps here, most days below 0. But very sunny, so warm behind glass. Roll on spring!