Wednesday, 14 July 2010

One ball of yarn short of a cardi

This is one of my holiday projects. It is a very basic black crocheted cardigan. Unfortunately I was one ball of yarn short, so that the front band and collar are a tad too thin. When I went to Spotlight to get another ball of machine washable merino yarn in black they had none!!!!
(P.S. The alien tongue I'm sitting on is actually my foot tucked up underneath my behind! Thanks Anki for pointing that out I hadn't really noticed it I chose this photo because it was the least horrible photo of me. Now I discover I have an alien tongue foot. Thanks my dear! I should have cropped it.)However it is wearable as it is and it is deliciously warm although a little boxy and a tad on the big side. But I'm sure it will do for the job I have in mind for it. I wanted something to wear to work for those chilly days when I'm on duty but something that is not hydrophobic and can be tossed into the washing machine along with my other work clothes.
I might make it a little more fancy by adding some embroidery on the collar.
Today I ran a "Drawing with wire" workshop at Red Feather (the little shop that has sold some of my work lately.) I had a group of 7 kids.They ranged in age from 7- the little girl who did this rabbit. (With a little extra help from her mum to hold down the wire as she bent it.) To 13years- the young lad who did this worked absorbed in the wire work and thought carefully about his design creating in his words a "rustic design to go with the rustic wood that it is sitting on."
I actually enjoy these small group teaching sessions because they are purely about passing a skill on to kids and it's all about fun - no assessment, no MSB (managing student behaviour) etc. Just teaching, learning and enjoyment.


Anki said...

Lovely cardi and I love wire art, especially the rabbit but what on earth is that you're sitting on in the photo? It looks like an alien being's tongue! What was that thing from Star Wars...Jabba the Hutt?

Red Hen (dette) said...

Bahahaha! That's my foot! I didn't notice it before!

Anki said...

Yipes! Sorry...I can see it now and it definitely looks like a normal foot not an alien tongue at all! It's like one of those young/old lady trick pictures that when you know what it is you see right away.

Red Hen (dette) said...

That's quite alright, I'm still giggling about it now!

inkberryblue said...

The cardigan looks lovely. Which pattern did you use? Gorgeous wire pictures too!