Friday, 16 July 2010

driving about with a new camera: part 1

Tim bought a new fancy camera recently, an Olympus digital SLR, now I have no excuse for bad photos apart from ignorance of how to use it. I finally downloaded the camera software onto my laptop and downloaded the photos I've taken on it over the holidays.

We went looking for an all day breakfast as we slept in very very late one day last week we headed towards Freo as Tim had a hankering to visit an op shop that had recently reopened and I wanted poached eggs on toast.


As we were too late to get breakfast at my favourite poached egg cafe we went to Hubble's Yard.
They weren't serving breakfast but they did have a lovely blue wall with the most beautifully luminescent red poinsettia we decided to continue on towards Claremont where the op shop was.

As it turned out the op shop was closer to Subiaco. Subi has for years been an upmarket trendy place to go to so I felt sure we would find somewhere nice offering all day breakfasts. We walked up and down (well actually down then up.) the main street, there was nothing.

Finally we came across this little place. They advertised freshly baked pastries etc along with all day breakfasts, so I assumed they should be able to fry an egg - that they couldn't poach one should have alerted me to possible disappointment. I asked if they could fry my eggs separately from Tim's sausages and bacon as I was allergic to it, and could I please have soft yolks.

My eggs came dripping in sausage grease without any utensils and as hard and rubbery as you could get. The waitress said they were not touching as they cooked...then when I said that the preservative in the fat that spread around the pan was enough to make me sick, she said that perhaps they had been cooked separately...they were not in the same pan... perhaps they might have been in the same pan but they definitely weren't touching. Yes she had cooked them herself and after further questioning and reiteration that it would make me ill to eat contaminated eggs she offered to cook some more and as I was by this time feeling VERY hungry I accepted. The tea looked very funky with it's unusual tea infuser. But it was tepid by the time I got it. The second lot of eggs were edible -as my Grandmother used to say 'hunger is a great sauce'.

Although we were not very lucky with regard to breakfast we were rewarded with a full rainbow that followed us almost all the way home.Hopefully it bodes well for the lotto ticket I purchased.


inkberryblue said...

Lovely pictures...especially the one with the pointsettia shadows on the blue wall.

A good all day breakfast is hard to find. I used to go into Northbridge for brekkie (home made hash browns, eggs cooked to perfection) but, sadly, the cafe's closed. The service at Subi sounds absolutely abysmal...what a shame. If I come across a good one I'll let you know!

fifi said...

those images of the paint and the shadows are really gorgeous. I had to look at them twice, the one with the waves looks like some beautiful ancinet wall.

Red Hen (dette) said...

Thank you. I was happy with the images of the blue wall. It does look really ancient doesn't it but it's actually a recent (well in the last 10 years) mural that has crumbled making it all the more interesting in my opinion.

2paw said...

Ewww, that sounds the most horrid breakfast. I am very fussy about my poachd eggs too, and I reckon if I can cook it the way I like at home, a proper chef should be able to meet, and exceed my expectations. Love your new camera's photos, especially the rainbow!!