Friday, 30 July 2010

Keeping in touch..

That is exactly what Bantam Boy has done this month.
 He sent 1680 text messages,
I think that perhaps about 3 were for me and the lion's share was for his girlfriend!!!! I however pay for his phone, this is something I said I would do while he was on his holiday to make sure he would be able to ring at anytime he needed without having to worry about running out of credit.
I was not happy. His sister scoffed and said "He's such a girl!" She was secretly pleased because her 600 odd text messages in one month has now paled into insignificance next to BB's effort!
He has been missing home dreadfully- and this is the result of that.

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Anki said...

OH NO!!!! I can't even imagine the cost! How do you have time to make 1680 posts in a month? That's 54 a day!!! Poor, poor you - can you physically put a cap on his mobile?