Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Small Joys.

Today when I came home from work I hoped that I would find the dishes done ready for me to start making dinner. We often end up leaving the dishes because for one reason or another they are not done after dinner and need to be done the next day- Often someone will say "I'll do them later."  Later often ends up being the next day and if I'm working it means that's when I get home before I make dinner and having run around dealing with mess in my work it's often something I find a huge chore and then having to cook dinner is not something I do with joy or love, despite loving to cook sometimes I'm just too, too tired.

Today the dishes were not done. Apparently I'm too messy (I actually like a bit of clutter and don't do streamlined all that well.) and after it's been cleaned it gets messy again the next day-somehow it needs to be done more than once, I think I'm also not bossy enough to insist that everyone has a job and it has to be done by a certain time. I pleaded with Chicky Babe to stack the dishwasher and clean some space so I could make dinner. Then ducked out to the shop and to the chemist to get some very strong headache tablets (It had been one of those days), they weren't done by the time I got back.  So we made a trade- I did the dishes...

This is pretty much as good as it gets, I'm pretty pleased actually the dishes are done after dinner as well as before!
(Oops... you can see my bottle of gin on the window ledge- I truly don't drink that much!)
 and Chicky Babe made vegie soup.
I glad to be relieved of my cooking duties, I really didn't want to have to do both chores tonight.

If you look closely here you can see the broccoli that Chicky Babe forgot to add to the soup. I didn't notice this until I cropped the photo for this post.


one little acorn said...

Oh I love it when someone cooks for me. Of course, I live on my own, so it's pretty rare.
I do often get a great roast lamb when I visit my Mum and that's the BEST treat in the world. Someone cooking for me AND it's roast lamb! mmmmm.
(I do usually help by the way)

Anki said...

It's so constant isn't it? It never ends! That's drudgery for you! I've also got heaps of hand-wash only stuff (grrrr)!

Glad you got some help. It would be good if we could palm off the jobs we most hate to those that hate them less. I hate folding washing, it gets on top of me...too much... - if I lived next door to you I could stack your dishwasher while you folded my washing....

2paw said...

I also love it when someone cooks for me: even toasted sandwiches, well let's face it, even untoasted ones are great!!
Love the broccoli picture!!!

fifi said...

I have the same horror: washing up so you can cook after a day at work! It's vile. Am trying to teach persons to cook. :-)