Sunday, 1 August 2010

lazy sunday afternoon...

Started the day buying fresh fruit and veg at our local Farmer's Market that opened this weekend. Fantastic! within walking distance from home!
After preparing the quince I went outside to work on my curly crocheted scarf. I hung it on the tree and it reminded me of wisteria.
I have no idea what type of tree this is. Does anyone know? (I solved Anki's mystery and I'd be happy if someone could help me!)

I spent the afternoon crocheting in the sun...

with Pablo to keep me company.

The sky was BLUE! not a cloud in sight - this is actually a photo of the sky from my chair not just a colour swatch.

The garden was pretty...if you looked past the faded chairs and assorted bits and pieces that need a bit of attention.

And I finished my scarf in time to go and visit my mother.


2paw said...

Oh hi Pablo, looks like you are having a lovely time in the sun!! Oh your crocheting does look like Wisteria!! I am no help with the tree.
Our sky was dull today. I love your blue sky!!!

Anki said...

It was a lovely day yesterday. That scarf really does look like Wisteria! Very pretty!