Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Oh where oh where has it gone?

I've lost my waist!
Every Saturday morning -well most Saturday mornings I walk with the lady across the road - a friend I made years ago when I went to weight watchers when I weighed less than I do now - (funny really I'd be happy now to be my starting weight last time!) before I bought this house across the road from her. We were chatting organising our Saturday morning walk when she mentioned the dreaded WW words.
Weight Watchers....
She has brought up the subject a couple of times but I really have not been in the head space for it. When I went before I had an undiagnosed thyroid condition and it was such a huge struggle. I would gain weight even when I did every single thing correct or if I did lose weight it would be 150g a week VERY slow progress and very demoralising especially as the leaders were virtually telling me I must be cheating but I persevered for almost two years to lose about 15kg.
Well I've agreed to go with her tomorrow I can't do this on my own and I need to lose some weight for my health this time not to look better, although that would be a bonus.
I am nervous and not sure if I am really ready for this fight and struggle but I must start somewhere and my neighbour and I made a good weight loss team before so fingers crossed!
I hope to find my waist again at least one somewhat closer to the one I've lost!


2paw said...

My friends calls it 'Gaining Health'. I like the idea of gaining 'health'!!! Good luck!!

Luhlahh said...

I like 2paw's take on it! Good luck!

Anki said...

Well done Dette...you can do it! You need to remember not to look at numbers but how you feel and how your clothes feel (I know that's hard at WW because of the weigh-in bit). I need to lose some too,I think about it like carrying around a heavy child with you all the time,imagine how nice when you finally get to put her down and how much energy and vitality you'll have.

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

Best of luck!

I totally understand how awful you feel when trying to lose weight with an undiagnosed thyroid problem. For 6 months before my wedding, I went to the gym for 2 hours a day every day, ate really well and didn't lose a single kg! And my (then soon to be) husband is a personal trainer so we knew I was doing everything properly. Before the thyroid died however, sometimes it would go into hyperdrive and I would love 5kg in a week for no reason and while eating copious amounts of chocolate.

After so many years of this, I find it really hard to associate eating well and exercising with weight loss, because for a very long time, that's not how it worked for me.

Having said that, I now should do something about it. I hope you don't mind, I'll be watching you for some inspiration! Again, and from the bottom of my heart, best of luck!

fifi said...

good luck...I just put on some cargo pants and discovered they were tight!!!!

I have put on so much weight from skipping meals and pigging out last thing at night. For the lest two weeks have been on a diet...but since I never weigh myself I hve to use my clothes as tools for gauging fatness!

Good luck.

inkberryblue said...

Good for you. I think Weight Watchers is a really great organisation ~ I know it's really helped one of my sisters. I hope it's working out well for you.