Wednesday, 1 September 2010

2000 reasons to use pre paid credit with a mobile phone.

Bantam Boy has been back for a week, he's having a holiday from his holiday! He has returned quite changed but in fairly subtle ways. He is definitely thinner - much less drinking and more working, he had been spending much time slothing about during the day and drinking too much by night, he has had a change in attitude towards drinking since he has been away, thank goodness. Yes he is a little more mature and the adult /child barrier has dissolved even more and although he is still very much my boy we have had some deep conversation and interact on a more adult to adult level. I think the drinking and slothing had set up a wall between us and a certain way of interacting that I am not sorry to see the end of! It is very nice to know he has missed home so much he had to come back for a bit before he travels on again.
It has been quite an education for him, he is learning more about the value of money and how hard it is to earn and how easily it slips through your fingers on general day to day needs. Unfortunately this has not extended fully to his understanding of mobile phones on the post pay options. While he was particularly homesick and broke he sent 1680 text messages home - mostly to his new girlfriend. I was quite alarmed and kept some of the money I have been using to support him on his holiday ( I pay him some money each month into his bank account) in order to pay off half of the amount he had racked up on the bill.
"Actually mum," he said at the time," the next one might be a bit high too."
A BIT high!!!!!! I got my monthly phone bill and with the $400 I have carried over from the last one it came to $2000! He had used $1300 in one billing period. He was contrite and sorry for what he had done but he said "I did ask you to increase my plan." all well and good but even had I increased his plan it would have been $1200 as the extra would have only increased it by $100!
Tomorrow he goes onto pre paid credit and he will just have to hope he doesn't get stuck anywhere without credit or access to a pay phone! He can call reverse charges from now on.
Thanks for all the well wishes with regard to me attempting to locate my waist again. Well it is one week down and I go in tonight for the dreaded weigh in. I've counted points all week and added some exercise points and ate frugally on some days so that I could splurge on Sunday when we had a family dinner for Bantam Boy. The weigh in is making me feel anxious, I actually cried last night I was so worried about how I am going and how I will feel if I've not lost weight. Today I feel a little better and have decided not to worry about it until I step on the scale and get the result. Last night I watched one born every minute a documentary in a British  maternity hospital. I was reminded of the birth of both my children, BB was 10lb5oz he was posterior, my cervix did not want to fully dilate and I was in labor for over 18 hours with Chicky Babe I was induced and at one point I thought the cervix thing was happening again, the nurse reassured me that each birth is different, just because my first went one way it did not mean the second would do the same. She was right CB was born quickly - It had taken 4 hours to get to 4cm and at that point I was despondent then I went from 4cm to her in my arms within half an hour. My point is that this mad me think- weight loss is my second hardest task to achieve after child birth (I'm not counting going to the dentist in that the is a whole 'nother story!!!!) Anyway my point is that I have decided to try not to think that this time at weight watchers will be the same as last time. Last time I didn't know I had thyroid disease and i wasn't taking any medication. This time my expectations will be of slow weight loss and I try not to feel like such a failure if I have a weight gain despite doing the right thing. It is not my fault, I am not weak or cheating secretly as I was accused of last time, this time I will know the reason why.
Still I have my fingers crossed that I get a positive result for my first week!
Now has anyone got any suggestions to help me make $2000 quickly to pay off my phone bill?

P.S. Back from weigh in. I lost 1.6kg


2paw said...

Oh I nearly fell off my chair: that's a lot of money, maybe you should rent him out for odd jobs!! Good luck with that.
Good luck with your gaining health too. Slow and steady wins the race!!! It sounds as if you ahve done all the right things. I read yesterday that the three drugs I've been taking for a long time now can each add 10kg or more. Well, it could be worse!!!

Anki said...

Wow Dette,congratulations that's fantastic...don't let the weigh-ins stress you to tears though. You poor thing. If you're doing your best, then you're doing your best - and if you far off the wagon, then don't beat yourself up about it. It's all about balance...
Erk $2000 that's awful. Can you contact the telco and get them to spread the bill over a few bills - and then definitely make him go pre-paid...dear oh dear - can't he email his girlfriend from internet cafes? Or maybe snail-mail? I wrote pages and pages of tear soaked letters to the Historian when he was in the US for 6 months. Letters are good because you can re-read them over and over and they're like novels. Better than YKWIM LOL ETC....and all the other idiotic txt stuff.

Red Hen (dette) said...

We fixed the phone thing. His girlfriend paid 500 towards it and he has given me 500. Today we put him onto a plan with unlimited (ie 3000 texts in a month- unlimited obviously has a new definition when used in relation to phone usage anyway 3000 is certainly a lot of love you, no love you more, love you most etc etc)
I'm in a better place with the weigh ins I was just so nervous about it but have decided to plod along, do my best and see what happens - It was one of those stressing for no reason moments.