Wednesday, 15 September 2010

slimmer's fast food.

After a week of feeling very flat and depressed I carried on none the less, counting points and being good. Tonight was weigh in night. I lost 1.6kg again. Phew! I don't think my family could survive two weeks in a row of my tears!!!! Anyway that's 2.4kg so far so I'm feeling a little optimistic again, but very aware that I may have more inexplicable gains along the way. I keep Anki's advice in my head- focus on my monthly loss not the weekly fluctuations.
I came home from work and pretty much had to fly out again for the meeting then as I knew I had no fresh low point veggies in the house I went to 'fresh provisions' (our late night fresh veggie and gourmet supplies shop) I didn't get in again until about 7.30. by which time I was starving!
I needed something FAST or I would be susceptible to making a bad choice. So I made a  Couscous dish with salad. YUM. I bought a couple of packets of good quality organic couscous to keep in the cupboard as an emergency fast food.  The organic wholemeal brand was nice and light and fluffy not at all gluggy as some of the cheaper brands can be.
The recipe follows -not because it is particularly interesting or nifty just to illustrate how quick it is!
Super Quick Nutty  Couscous
Dissolve 1 massel veggie stock cube (Oops! this should have been 1/2 a stock cube- one is a tad too salty.) in 1 cup of boiling water,  stir in 1 cup wholemeal couscous. Cover and set aside while you make the salad. and chop up 8 pecan nuts.  Stir through the chopped pecans with a couple of teaspoons of pumpkin seeds, (some sultanas would be ok too if you had them, I didn't.) I added a good handful of chopped parsley to my portion-Chicky Babe doesn't like parsley. Sit down and eat. This quantity will serve 2-3


fifi said...

OK, I am going to try this, definitely. I need to lose ten kilos!

I will make this tonight, and the salad.
I just have to stay off the bread and make sure I dont reach "starving point", at which I stuff huge hunks of whatever is at hand straight into my mouth...
1.6 sounds good. I'd be happy with that...

2paw said...

Well done, keep up the good work and that's a good idea for a quick meal!!

inkberryblue said...

Fast and fat free...sounds like my kind of dinner! Another recipe of yours I'd love to try. I admire your determination to stick to your weight loss plan. Go you!

Anki said...

Well done Dette. I love low fat fast food ideas. I always run out of energy and inclination just at dinner time, so quick is GOOD.