Saturday, 18 September 2010


I discovered this new web sharing site and joined up about a week and a half ago. I am totally in love with it. It functions in a way that is perfect for me. It's like having a virtual mood board or journal. If you come across something you like you "Pin It" to your boards. As you pin your image it automatically adds the link back to the website you were on when you found it, at the same time you add tags and notes and can sort them onto different boards according to your interests. I've added a link in my side bar so I can find it easily and with firefox you can add a pinning tool to your toolbar, ingenious!
Now it means I have pictures to remind me of the lovely things I've seen and links back. I have a favourites list on my computer a mile long and then I forget which one is which and it takes me an age to find it or the computer gets a virus and needs wiping and you lose everything. Now I have access to my inspiration board from any computer anywhere. I think yo can set them to private or shared too. It is still new to me but I am hooked!
PS, You can tell I'm on a diet because there are a LOT of cakes and sweet things pinned on there!

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2paw said...

Thank yo for explaining what the Pin thing is. Other people were saying it was great, but they didn't day why!! It's like adding something to my favourites but not on my tool bar!! Thanks!!