Monday, 20 September 2010

Surprise garden make over.

My sister came to visit on Sunday afternoon while I was revelling in my organisation success, (see previous post) her kids and husband were going to the movies and as she has developed a tendency to motion sickness at the movies she was at a loose end and was looking for some relaxation time.

As I made her a cup of tea she started to pull an old shirt and a pair of gardening gloves.
"What are you doing?" I enquired.
"I'm going to do your garden."
"You don't have to do that."
"But I need to relax and gardening is how I do that."
So we spent the afternoon in the garden, we did one half and I told her that if she was free next weekend she could come and relax some more in my garden.

She even convinced me to throw away some old cane chairs that really had seen better days onto the verge for the collection next week- being a collector it was hard to do. I notice they were not there this morning. But I have decided that she was indeed right and now I can finish off my Adirondack chairs that are in the back shed.

Doesn't it look much better! I have paving again not weeds!

I have a set of old metal chairs that really need a good sand down and a paint. I happened to mention to Tim that I need a set of legs to make a table to go with it - maybe another mosaic project.

Today when I got home from work Tim had found a set of legs on the verge side trow out that are perfect for what I need. A karmic swap for the cane chairs.
 The legs need some work but while I'm doing the chairs I'll do them at the same time! I got an email from my sister asking if I have a wire brush attachment for my drill and was I free on the 3rd of October. I guess that's when we are transforming them.


2paw said...

It's like a magic TV before and after garden room show!! Wow!!

Anki said...

That looks wonderful. I love the table legs too. Spring cleaning is really everywhere isn't it? Pity it's already feeling like S(B)UMMER.