Sunday, 19 September 2010


This weekend I have devoted to organising my kitchen. Tim, bless him is an avid collector of lovely things and as a result the things I have to store in my shelves are growing in number and they had been put away all higgledy piggledy and as they are in plain view from the lounge this has been annoying me. So I've straightened them all up - I'm thinking of printing this picture for future reference so people can check to see where things go should they be unsure.
I went to Ikea yesterday - I wrongly assumed that it might be a little quieter because my walking friend said there was a football grand final on yesterday afternoon and I assumed that there might have been a lot of people there instead of at the shops- Boy was I wrong! There were people everywhere, I felt like a salmon going against the tide of people flowing along the designated viewing pathways. I was struck by how rude people are though. People run into you and just look at you in disgust or worse look through you when you smile and say sorry despite the fact that they had actually run into you!!!! Anyhoo...I went to Ikea to get some pull out wire baskets for my pantry. I realised that I've been in this house for 5 years and when I put the kitchen in I couldn't afford to buy all the baskets right at that time so I thought I'd put it off for a few weeks until I had the money to get some more. So about 250 weeks later I've bought some.
I popped in to visit Anki on the way home- they are making great progress on their home and I feel a little shamed that I still haven't finished my place and I've had 5 years!!!! I'm getting to the stage where things need redoing and updating and I'm not finished yet! I've got some new plans for my garden which I didn't plan so well in the beginning- I followed someone elses ideas and ended up creating a heat trap in my front yard- nice on a fine winters day but unbearable in summer!
When I got home I organised my pantry and my fridge! Everything is sorted according to type or use.

I'm seriously considering making labels for each shelf to ensure that the system can be followed by all of us!

The fridge now has trays for jams and spreads, sauces and chutney etc, cheese and dairy, dried fruit and nuts etc. I was alarmed to find several jars of the same type of thing all opened and hiding behind other things. It has been bothering me how wasteful my lack of organisation is. I found 5 jars of my favourite Thai yellow curry paste ( it is preservative free and tastes pretty authentic although it is cheating I know!
Maybe I'll make labels for these too!
I feel pretty satisfied with my efforts...I should have taken before shots but honestly I was too embarrassed!
Now what's next? The lounge room? the book shelf? my bedroom?


2paw said...

I am highly impressed, it is how I want to be: organised, but never am!!
Maybe the footy final is this weekend coming??

Anki said...

Yeah that was the WAFL final. Pity no-one goes to that?!

I'm very, very impressed. I love the fridge! I'm always disgusted at the stuff that lurks in there. Those baskets are a great idea. You know I have to clean out my pantry and fridge for a house guest coming in a couple of weeks! I'm not looking forward to it at all. So great to see you yesterday. Are you kidding? You have done FABULOUSLY with your house over the past 5 years (not to mention the house before). I'm totally amazed by what you have achieved on your OWN. Look back at all you've done! You're amazing I doubt I'd have ever done as much!
Love Anki

Red Hen (dette) said...

Thanks Anki it means alot to me that you think I have done well. X X
2paw-thanks, I have some good ideas and try to employ them at regular intervals but I have trouble getting everything organised at one time and I am selectively organised there are some things that just don't bother me. My mother and sister think I am anything but organised!