Thursday, 9 September 2010

Goodness Gracious Great Balls of Fire!

Bantam Boy returned to join his mate in the Northern Territory with plans to make their way down to Sydney over the next few weeks at which point BB plans to come home some time between then and Christmas depending on how long his savings (and my support) lasts - the phone bill has meant this is less than it might have been.
Anyway a few minutes ago Chicky Babe announces that "oh yeah BB was in a car that caught on fire today"
"Yes Dinie (my mum) rang earlier while you were out"
(Thanks for letting me know earlier when it was not too late to call Dinie)

Anyway all I know is that the boys were driving along and noticed that the car was running hot. They stopped to look but couldn't see anything wrong so continued on, thinking what could really happen.
Well a little later they noticed some white steam or smoke.
It was smoke followed by some flames!
They leaped out of the car leaving everything inside (as you would!) Only to realise that their money, cards and entire possessions were in the car!
Fortunately the car behind them had a fire extinguisher and put the flames out before it took hold.
Thank the Gods! No one is injured in any way.
That's all I know at this point.
Perhaps they will be home sooner not later!


Anki said...

YIKES! So glad they're OK. Really, it could only happen to them eh? The madcap adventures of BB and co.

Red Hen (dette) said...

I know! Thank goodness. I spoke to him this morning and they have found someone to repair it at a cost that is manageable.
At least they will have some stories to tell a bit like adventures in mexico! I'll have to have mine in my middle years instead, having had none in my youth!

2paw said...

Ah, the innocence of youth. I think I am glad you found out a bit later on, when any real panic was useless!!

Kelsee said...

Thanks for your great comment on my blog! -Kelsee