Monday, 27 September 2010

Hooray for the Holidays!

Over the last couple of days apart from the time I took to make these costumes for Chicky Babe and Bek. They loved them! (oops! the way I've cropped these makes it look like the text has decapitated them! But they like to remain a little anonymous in this forum at least! )

I've spent a lot of time sifting through my computer bookmarks and linked posts etc to try and figure  out why I bookmarked them in the first place. Some of them are a complete mystery, I don't know what I was thinking others gave me a glimmer of inspiration and some complete envy! Anyway I've been sorting and 'Pinning" the photos of the ones that I want to keep as a reference. I am so totally enamoured with this sharing function BUT enough is enough! So very, very late last night I started drawing and decided that I needed to do some things rather than just think about them.

So today I've made a slip cover for a very comfortable but ugly chair that had scratchy acrylic fabric cover on it. Now it is comfortable and makes a bit of a statement in the hallway 'office' area where it currently resides. (Usually it lives in Bantam Boy's room but I'm sure he wont mind the new cover when he gets home again next week-Yay! He misses home too much. Awwwhhh. Anyway he painted one of his walls navy blue so it will fit nicely with his decor.)

My next job is to shorten the new curtains I bought for spring. And maybe continue with the drawing / painting that I started last night. I was considering abandoning it but Chicky Babe thinks it is ok as it is. I get very frustrated at my lack of drawing skills - I really need to do more! (Mental note: draw every day, practice makes perfect.) But as you know I don't like anything I do but I am trying to 'get over it' and just 'get on with it'. Because I am certainly not as hard on others as I am with myself.

I drew most of it with my left hand although I'm right handed generally I think I might be left handed when I am an artist???? I actually like the things I do with my left hand much more than those I do with my right! I'm tempted to keep playing with the face, but Chicky Babe said it looks Ok and that she look Spanish, let's just pretend I wanted it exactly that way.

Right! Back to it!!!!


2paw said...

I recognised the Hogwarts uniforms as soon as I saw them!!! Very cool, not long to the penultimate film now.
Some of my Bookmarks are so old they no longer go anywhere!!
Nice chair covering, it looks good!!
Brain theory talk about left and right brains and how they both have different functions. One is more creative. I can't remember which!!!

Anki said...

That's interesting about the left hand thing.My right hand (if fact the whole right side of my body) is pretty useless at anything. Maybe I should try doing maths or reading maps with my right eye? Good news about BB,is his friend also coming home?How far around did they get?Did they make it out of the state?

Red Hen (dette) said...

He's in Sydney, They made it to Cairns -and somewhere beyond that. Simon got a job picking bananas and intends to surf his way down the coast BB is not a fan of surfing really so he decided to leave simon to it.
I know the left hand thing is pretty weird- I can't write with it and have no intention of trying to- I don't want to reform my right brain!!!!

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

Well done on the slip cover! I've been meaning to make one for my ugly sofa for over a year now....

That's amazing about you drawing with your left hand - I can't do anything with my left!