Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Holiday sewing project.

Yesterday I went out for lunch with my mum to a little cafe called Hubble's Yard. It was nice to spend some time with her on my own. As I walked back to my car I went into a little 'eco' gift ware shop and was inspired to make some skirts for myself, there were these nifty step in wrap skirts, that were too small and definitely too short (Read point number 4.1 of Anki's list 'seven signs of aging')

I bought this Indonesian inspired print some time ago and I knew I had it tucked away so I bought a length of  plain brown fabric to create a wrap around layered skirt. As I thought about it I decided it would benefit from some embroidery on the front to lift the plainness of the top layer. 

So I sketched a design in chalk to reflect the design in the print that will be on the inside of the skirt and embroidered it using a blue/grey to match the floral fabric. I used very simple stitches- running stitch and stem stitch.
P.S. Actually this skirt can be reversed so the pattern is on the outside.
Now I just have to sew it together and if it works I'll make another in black or navy.
Then I've got some new cushions to make too. - I'll post pictures when I'm done.


2paw said...

Oh wow, that is so clever and so cool!!!

Luhlahh said...

Ohhh i have one of thhose double-sided wrap skirt too! But I didn't make it. Though not through lack of thinking, "I could sooo make this!"
I could have so many more clothes if i actually did DIY!

Luhlahh said...

And I looove the embroidery!

Anki said...

That embroidery looks so effective and beautiful.