Sunday, 10 August 2008

Crochet the ends in as you go.

I read One little acorn's this is post about her trade secret. She said if you want to be creative just get on with it make a start and do it. I agree and although I am a master procrastinator it is rarely the creative stuff that I put off. I'm much more likely to put off the dreary day to day stuff that keeps the lights on and the water flowing! I have been working on doing those things more regularly and am making progress. I was reflecting on what my 'trade secret' might be over the weekend and decided on.

Crochet the ends in as you go.

Having discovered this technique of crocheting in the long daggy bits of wool as you go is a great time saver and does not leave you with the long dreary job of threading the needle and sewing in all those ends, thus leaving you more time to spend creating other things. Multi tasking, developing techniques that make whatever you are doing just that bit more efficient.

This is the other one seeing past life's clutter to what is beautiful beneath it.

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one little acorn said...

This is a great trade secret... of course it also works in other areas of life too (without getting too philosphical) and means there are no loose ends later on down the track.