Friday, 22 August 2008

Pendent or pendant??????

(As I typed this post I typed two different spellings of this word, both were accepted!? Is this a case of english verses american? Is one more acceptable than the other,or are they equally acceptable???)

While I was in Melbourne I wore this little guy ( For some reason these pendants seem to have little personalities!) Well this pendent is not that little its about 2inches across. I wore it when I went to the Rose St Artist Markets and several of the stall holders commented on how much they liked it and wondered where I got it. I felt very chuffed as I thought all of their stuff was so delicious and I didn't have enough money to buy everything I wanted to. I bought a very cute little birdie brooch made of felt with embroidered detail, a very funky woolen hat and some ceramic and silver earrings.

It made me think that I'd like to make some more of these pendents.

And low and behold the little plaster molds I made to press the clay into turned up in the general migration of things into my studio! I make the pendents from clay and then hand paint the designs on using glazes and fire them. It is always a bit exciting to see exactly how they turn out because the colours as you paint them are not what they end up as!

This one is quite soft and pretty however the photo does not really show the true depth of colour.

OOps this one lost the flower all together!

This is a bit better, I like to wear this one as I like its shape, and the colours go with quite a few outfits at the moment.

I love the strength of colour with this one. He was fun to make too...

Unfortunately I made the beaded section quite short and the extension chain that adjusted the length with the clasp fell off and now it is just too short to wear comfortably. I must get to and fix that soon! But right now I'm going to get down some of my design ideas for new pendents.


fifi said...

Well that is a very nice collection you have made. How industrious you are!
I used to love making jewellery and all kinds of things to sell at markets but now I wouldn't have a hope of finding the time. If I get a moment i just paint or write, neither of which are terribly marketable to be honest.
I really love the craftiness of making jewels of any sort.
I like the butterfly one best.

oh ps had the eyebrows done, wowee, they are pitch black and I look like an idiot.

Danielle said...

These are great. Definitely keep at it :0

one little acorn said...

Beautiful work. It's so nice when people comment on what you are wearing and especially so given you made it yourself!

maksym said...

Spaking about "pendent" vs. "pendant", they are used interchangably s_sometimes_. However, we usually say "pendent" when we mean "pending", "incomplete" etc (adjective), while "pendant" is the main variant for the noun meaning e.g. the thing hanging in operating theaters etc.

job said...