Sunday, 17 August 2008

old chook!

Today is my birthday!

The celebrations started last night Chicky Babe and Tweety Pie (CB's friend, who spends so much time here she is almost part of the family, she calls me her third mum and I have decided she needs to have an honorary pseudonym too!) Any way the girls decided that they would cook me dinner as a birthday treat. They have made some Chinese dishes in cooking classes at school and I was spoiled with a yummy stir fry.

Tim bought me a lovely teacup. (But didn't mow the lawn as he promised he would do!)

A friend of mine, H. dropped over with red champagne and a beautiful pot of orchids. Bantam Boy bought me some lovely Irises and Lint chocolates! My house looks like a florist shop!

This morning we all went for Yum Cha.

Unfortunately BB had to work, unfortunate for him because Mum and her partner (my step father I suppose) took us out for High Tea in Cottesloe.

Chicky babe hidden by a tower of dainty cakes, pies and cucumber sandwiches!

Chicky Babe and Tweety Pie decide which delicacies to devour.

MMMMM.... Take a closer look!

Two little cakes left that we couldn't finish off. ( Mum took them home, Tucked away in her handbag wrapped in a serviette!)

Even though I called this post old chook, I've coped quite well with turning 43... that was until while mum was talking to me she suddenly stopped talking and started to giggle. Nervously I wiped my face and looked quizzically at her. "Your eyebrows...!"

She had noticed my grey eyebrows. I don't have any grey hairs on my head, I have grey eyebrow hairs not a lot just a few on each brow in the center . Up until now it's been one or two that have been plucked away with the rest of the rouge hairs that stray away from the pack. But now there are a few more and I fear that if I continue to remove them my eyebrows will be too far apart or non existent!


fifi said...

happy birthday from one old chook to another.

What an amazing spread of food! cakes! yumcha! yum bum!

Have you not heard of eyebrow and eyelash tinting? as a blond I have been partaking of that particular trick for centuries!

little red hen said...

Yes but unfortunately I suffer allergies to colours preservatives and additives in foods and also hair dyes and am having to decide that I will go grey gracefully (or not!) Sometimes when I remember I use an old mascara to cover the worst!

meli said...

happy birthday! what a perfect way to celebrate with teacups and flowers and little cakes...

Kirti said...

Happy birthday gorgeous youthful chook! I'm coming to Cottesloe to have High Tea right THERE with you some time in the not so distant future!!!!

AS for the grey hair in the eyebrows, think of my horror some years ago when I found one lurking in the nether regions!!! Easier to hide though yes......