Thursday, 7 August 2008

lamenting love lost....

I just spent an hour typing a post and the stupid computer deleted it all!!!!! For some reason the mouse is playing up and adding and erasing lines at will!!!

Maybe it was the universe trying to tell me not to publish that particular post, that I had said too much and given away a little too much information in my Heide story.

It was a story about a relationship that was as tangled as this piece of sculpture appears.

I chose the first book for the book club I started a couple of years ago. I had just ended a long complicated relationship with an artist and I chose a book about Sunday Reid called "the heart garden". It was a kind of rub salt in the wound kind of choice. I found the story very interesting and wanted to go and see the place for myself.
Standing in the little old house listening to the tour guide speak I found myself hundreds of miles to the west and many years in the past.

My time with 'the crow' had some similarities to that of the early days at Heide, fascinating creative people from all parts of the world would gravitate to this charismatic crow (perhaps rather, he collected them.) I have not spoken to him in almost two years, but still dream about him now and then and although I am very glad to have left the uncertainty of the relationship behind I still miss him and his lively, interesting, stimulating and very social world.

I will look for something clear cut, well defined and simple like this!

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fifi said...

I could never read that book, but maybe I should.

Lost love, never really leaves you but stays written on your secret places.