Monday, 4 May 2009

Just my luck

I was watching telly when an add for eharmony, online dating service came on. Chicky babe said her friend tried it out for a laugh and I thought why not. You do a personality test and then they match you up with people who are compatible personality wise. This sounded better than the shopping list approach of other dating sites.

So I did the test, it took a while. I selected the box that said consider matches from anywhere around the world...pressed the button and waited for my matches.

They are displayed 20 to a page as standard. I had 7. Not pages....7 matches! 7 in THE WHOLE WORLD!!!!!! 1in Perth 2more in WA and 2 more somewhere else in Australia and 2 overseas.

Just my luck!

Tim tried it out then too- We didn't match. :(


Sarah said...

Well, it is actually pretty strange that one of them happened to be in Perth. But personallly I don't think that just because someone has a similar personality to you it automatically means he would make a good partner. I can't imagine being in love with someone who was just a male version of myself. I think Tim sounds like a nice man and maybe once the kids move out... who knows?

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

Just think of it this way, they could only find 7 (available) men in the world that were good enough for you!

Kirti said...

It's about quality not quantity honey! And I an InsideOut addiction

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say, be wary of eharmony. I and a lot of other people had problems with them billing after a free trial period, despite not authorising them to do so.
Also, they are a fairly heavily Christian-based organisation. Nothing wrong with that, but if they have religious leanings, it needs to be made clearer at the outset (I believe).
Try okcupid - it's FREE and is quite quirky. I met some great people on there.
Good luck!