Saturday, 30 May 2009


Lou at Lahlahh kindly nominated me as an awe-summm blogger. (Albeit a slack blogger of late, as the pace speeds up at school and home with approaching exams and talk of yearlong trips)
I am also not awesome enough to figure out how to post the picture- so any people I nominate if you want one you will have to look at Lahlahh's post to get it.

Now I have to think of 7 thinks that make me awe-summ. This is quite flattering to receive but also a bit tricky because there is always a little grain of doubt in the back of my mind thinking I must have deceived people and I'm not really very awesome at all!- My demons that I am constantly battling with, the self doubt that has difficulty giving myself compliments. But here goes 7 things I like about myself.

1: Although I am questioning it at the moment as I struggle with the shift of my children from childhood to adulthood I am a pretty good mum- most of the time.

2. I think I'm pretty resourceful, and creative.

3. My brain works in a way that can be both logical and creative- Making it frustrating to work with some people who have less agile brains!

4. I am forever thankful for my hands. My hands that can sew, crochet, knit, paint, carve, mosaic, print, garden and talk (I know I must use them often in discussions as I see the kids at school mimicking my hand movements as I talk, then I know my conversation is becoming passionate and excited)

5. I am kind, compassionate and sensitive. Maybe overly so. I tend to cry at the drop of a hat. Much to the amusement of my children. There was a boy in my grade 5 class who was what we would term today as special needs although he did not require an aide or one was not allocated to him. He had a tendency to dribble and had difficulty picking up the concepts. I voluntarily sat next to him to help him with his work and explain again and again what was needed. I even invited him to my birthday party- much to the horror of my peers. Years later he arrived in my mum's driveway- he had come to say thank you for how I had been nice to him at school, and how important that had been to him.

6. I can cook and sew but I can also drive a drill, a jigsaw and a welder and have in the past- before my back gave out on me I have laid slabs just to prove I didn't need anyone. Need being the important word there. Want was a entirely different matter.

7. I am loyal. If you earn my respect and friendship I am very loyal and I will defend your actions and offer support where I can.

Pheww!! 7! did it.

Now I get to tag 7 other Awe-summm bloggers (My favourite part of this award!!!)

1: Fifi-Strange fruit (I believe she has already been tagged but I'm going to tag her again as she really has an awesome blog) Her paintings, photos and writing are all so beautiful. I wish I could express myself half as well as she does.

2: Kirti-Skeleton woman. A beautiful friend who is not blogging as frequently as she adjusts to her newly found "single motherness" but her blog is lovely to read.

3: Sarah- With a cherry on top. A young girl who loves cooking and crafting and tells of the antics of her grumpy teen aged brother and wonder dog Jasper.

4: Melanie- Kimono Reincarnate A lady who has just recently returned from Japan and makes yummy things with Japanese fabric.

5: Rachel- The Rachel Papers- Rachel has written a book "the divided heart" containing interviews with artist/ mothers and how they find the pull between the need to create and the need to nurture. Interesting reading! Her blog relates to these type of topics and is often thought provoking.

6 Geninne- Gennine's art blog. This lady lives in Mexico and makes the most delightful little paintings of birds. (one day I am going to treat myself to one!)

7. Attic24- this lady has beautiful crochet and the photos of her part of the world are lovely. She also has some good tutorials.

Below are the rules and guidelines to the Awe-summm award:
* List 7 things that make you Awe-Summm and then pass the award on to 7 bloggers you love.
* Make sure to tag your recipients and let them know they have won!
* And finally link back to the blogger that tagged you.


fifi said...

I think youre awesome too. You do lots of wonderful things that i wish I could do half so well...
you forgot: maker and keeper of beautiful and inspiring home,
excellent daughter and maker of cakes,
and gorgeously statuesque: neither little, nor red! LOL

I am still thinking of seven things,( and like you I have no idea how to put that crowned lady on my page.)

Leah said...

You are an excellent mother - all of the time!

Luhlahh said...

You right click and save her using 'save picture' (On my computer she saved into fireworks, I don't know if you need that to get her accross)
Then you just upload her to your blog the same as you would any other picture.

Good to see you embracing your awesomeness! Love, Lou.