Thursday, 7 May 2009

the red shoes

The other day I went to buy walking shoes ie. joggers. I hate them. They never quite fit properly- well I never seem to find them comfortable and I hate the way they look. So I went into a rather large well known chain store to spend as little as I could for a pair of walking shoes. I found one pair of size ten shoes that fit me, my ugly step sister foot refused to squeeze itself into any other pair and I was rather alarmed and worried that I'd have to try men's shoes!
The store had a sale on if you bought one pair of shoes you got 60% off the second I spent $49 on joggers and an extra $22 dollars on these lovely red shoes! They are SO cute on. I could not resist (That's only 3 magazines!) and I have a thing for red shoes. I think I've mentioned before that I loved the story about the red shoes -though why I don't know as she danced herself to death! Although what a way to go hey? Dancing through life.
Before I left the shop I had pants for me and a t-shirt for Chicky babe and a pair of PJ's each all these bargains cost me $150!!! I'm a sucker for a bargain, I love saving money. (???)

Today I spent my lunch hour well my lunch 25minutes teaching two of my colleagues how to crochet. I really enjoyed it.

This afternoon I came home to a clean kitchen. Bantam Boy cleaned it up last night , after a pretty heated exchange in the morning. The pattern has been to spend time procrastinating until very late then doing homework until some outrageously late hour and then not get up in the morning, this cycle is accompanied with a large monotonous amount of red hen nagging. I was fed up. I think I may have used some inappropriate language!

I came home tonight to a clean kitchen so I made his favourite spinach and ricotta cannelloni. And had a bit of time to invent a recipe with the left over filling these little fritters.

They have a bit of flour added and milk added to the ricotta and spinach filling. Now I've finished this I'm going to go on with my "Babette" rug, a project that has been shelved for a little while. I draped it over my knee it is long enough to cover my feet! but it's less than half way done. It is very much a long term project.

Best get on to it!


fifi said...

I have severe lust for those shoes and the blanket!!!!
both gorgeous.

inkberryblue said...

I love the shoes too!
...and your Babette looks bright and cheerful.
I must contact you about paying for and picking up your lovely crochet bag. I haven't forgotten ~ I've just been very busy. Sorry.
Have a great weekend!

Sarah said...

A couple of years ago I was having to wear a very small pair of men's walking shoes since my feet were wide but not very long. I can't stand shoe shopping since it's so hard to find a pair of shoes that aren't too narrow or too long, and it occasionally gets to the point where I consider amputating a few toes. I really like those red ones, though.
And that spinach and riccotta cannelonni is one of my favourites too!

Jo Windmill said...

I Love your red shoes!

Luhlahh said...

V. Sexy Shoes Miss Red Hen!

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

Ohhh.. I just love those red shoes!

victoria said...

Love love love the red shoes, the look more expensive than that - this is a good thing!
p.s. I imagine that getting a small amount of dating matches would indicate that you are unique in the world, also a very good thing.

one little acorn said...

Love the red shoes (even though I am not much a 'shoe' person really (that is I don't have 40 plus pairs, just the essentials. But I can totally see why you fell for these ones.
Oh and ricotta and spinach cannelloni is a big fave. Looks great.

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