Saturday, 21 June 2008


On Thursday Bantam Boy had to go to work at 4pm and by a miracle Chicky Babe was home and willing to come out with me to go for a coffee. I have been feeling like I'd been on a bit of a treadmill. Going to work, coming home cooking dinner rushing about , preparing lessons etc.

When I suggested our local coffee shop just near BB's work, CB said "Why don't we go somewhere different?" So we drove off going nowhere in particular. Suddenly I thought let's go down by the river to Pt Walter, I hadn't been in an age and we were already going in the right direction.

This part of the river is local to us. It is a part of the world where I grew up. I am indeed one of those boring people who as an adult live pretty much in the same place where they were born. In fact I am now about 5 blocks back from the hospital I was born in!!! I have lived in other places, (Kalgoorlie and Mt Magnet.) My children go to the same high school I went to. Every time I drive towards Fremantle there is a hill that you go over and the ocean and harbor skyline pops into view. I just love it. I never tire of it. Every time I see it I get a little rush of joy. My dream would be to live in a house from which I could see it every morning. It is not right on to ocean front but looking across the roof tops and glimpsing the promise of the sea beyond that I love the most.

Anyway that afternoon the coffee was poor but the company delightful and the view both beautiful and reviving to the soul. The place was deserted. We decided to take a walk, as we walked we chatted. We were astounded by the stillness of the water and the number and variety of bird life. We counted 10 different species of birds. We took photos with our phones as the sun set as I had not thought to bring the camera.

So I can share with you what a beautiful afternoon it was and you can see why I live within walking distance of the place in which I was born. I'm glad I took the time to stop and look and actually see what is beautiful around me.

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fifi said...

so so gorgeous, and a lovely day as well.
Nice you can spend such time together.