Sunday, 22 June 2008


I've finished my class reports! Now I just have to finish entering the data for the 6 art classes I haven't done yet. That shouldn't take too long.

I even had a chance to walk down to my local Cafe to have coffee with a friend. It was nice to take an hour's break and to have a chat and laugh.

This is another phone photo. Not fantastic quality but not too bad and pretty convenient. Oh and very sneaky, and a bit scary I took this while I was just playing with the phone while I waited for my friend to arrive. People around would not have known I was taking a photo. I was cautious not to get anyone else in the photo for their privacy but I can see how easy this would be to abuse.

I have justified doing this this week because I am testing out a new type of green lino that I am planning to use with the kids at school, it has nothing to do with my own desires at all! The green colour hasn't shown up so well here as I've used the flash and the surface is a bit shiny. It is very soft and easy to carve. Which is good as I have a no blood rule when I do lino printing in the class.

I'm thinking of using this to print onto fabric to make a skirt with or perhaps a bag. I'm not sure yet but originally I had intended to carve the outside away also so it is just the pear that prints. I might try both ways.

Well time to get back to reports... Almost completely done.


fifi said...

Lovely, great design. That Lino is excellent for primary, and as a bonus I have found sometimes you can use both sides, not that I have ever had to. The only annoying thing about it is that the "peel" doesn't fling itself outat the end of the carve, I often have to go back and cut out the bits which are still attached.
I tried to get a large piece of silk cut so I could go in that print prize and it wasn't to be had for love nor moey. It does seem to go hard (if left in the car in the sun, ahem) fairly quickly, and that green stuff never does, its really great.

I just imagined it printed with bright red, still with the outside attached, all around the bottom of a skirt when you said fabric printing.

little red hen said...

Yes I noticed that about the green sticking at the end of a cut, nowhere near as satisfying as the flicking lino that goes everywhere. But a lot less slipping across the surface of lino that is hard - therefore less chance of injury for kids!

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