Sunday, 1 June 2008

Leap Frog!

I had a great evening tonight- it is now somewhere close to tomorrow. I have no idea of the time but I can feel it is getting close to morning. ( I was going to take a picture relevant to this evening an this blog but I can't find my camera. I will have to ask the kids where it is in the morning, well much later in the morning)

I invited some friends over for a barbecue. They are friends that I made through Bantam Boy. His two best mates mothers became my friends also. One D is a single mother of two, to whom I feel quite close, we shared many nights out in search of Mr Right and had a lot of fun and supported each other in the low times too. The other L is a married mother of four to whom I feel very grateful. She is a dedicated full time mum who also mothered my kids, having them before and after school often a huge help for a working single mum.

I would see both these women frequently as our kids played and now as they have grown up a bit and our work situations have changed I have seen less and less of them. D now works full time in the city and L's son now attends a different high school and has therefore developed a different circle of friends- Fortunately the boys friendship has endured and I thought it was high time we all got together. Everyone bought their own meat and we each made a salad or desert. L bought hubby along and tim was here too. There were twelve of us for dinner. The patio area is fantastic for large gatherings, mind you it was pouring at one stage and the rain on the tin roof made conversation impossible!

Tim went to pick up a friend from the airport. K is from Melbourne on his way to india. While we were chatting enjoying a red the dog went crazy. I thought he was chasing a rat. It was a frog!!! Tim rescued it from the dog- he was only chasing it he had not bitten it. I was thrilled to have a frog in the garden. A testament to the "natural" state of my garden. Some my choose to call it neglected. Now I can say I am creating a welcome space for the frogs!

I already have the pool for the frog!


Kirti said...

oh my gods MS Hen your garden is fantastic!

fifi said...

how funny- fancy reading about persons you recognise from other blogs! Ha!

so strange to track this person, k, moving across the planet, in such a virtual way.

Sounds like a wondeful gathering. One day I will sort my life out and have such occasions too.